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    Real Estate Planning | Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii

    Originally planned as a typical high rise hotel resort the project was abandoned in the late 1980's. LUE staff were part of the team asked in 1995 to update the plan.

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    Investinor, AS, Norway

    LUE was commissioned as part of team that involved mountain planners, ski area operators, and a private equity fund to develop a strategy for growing the ski and resort industry with Investinor as a direct equity partner.

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    Real Estate Research | Santa Lucia Preserve, California

    This historic 20,000 acre ranch originally planned 4,000 units, our solution limited development to fewer than 300 units and dedicated over 17,000 acres to a conservation easement.

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    Squaw Valley USA, California

    Squaw Valley is a major contributor to the tourism marketing budget for North Lake Tahoe. A special study determined ways to broaden the market appeal and reduce seasonality.

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    Market Research | Tourism Strategy, Island of Sardinia

    LUE was part of an interdisciplinary team led by Bechtel Corporation to develop a tourism strategy for an undeveloped portion of Sardinia.

Land Use Economics | Land Planning | Real Estate Development Planning

land use economicsLand is a precious resource, and how it is used frequently creates tension between various stakeholders: the desire for preservation, the forces of growth, and the imperatives of public need. Each potential user values land differently according to their own priorities, vision, and place in time. However, markets and ownership change, and it is our belief land use should be viewed as a dynamic process, and recognize the inherent potential for transition to alternative purposes. Land planning and real estate development planning are essential processes that need to be properly utilized.

Real Estate Analysis | Real Estate Financing

Our role is one of working with owners, planners, and other professional disciplines as strategic partners in creating land use programs that achieve financial goals, exceed market expectations, optimize the broader economic benefit, and in the end leave the land improved, enhanced, and ready for the ownership reigns to be passed to the next steward. We approach each engagement without preconceptions. We do no equivocate in our recommendations. We listen. We take the high road. We recognize our obligation to tread lightly and responsibly.