• 15

    Real Estate Planning | Four Seasons Hualalai, Hawaii

    Originally planned as a typical high rise hotel resort the project was abandoned in the late 1980's. LUE staff were part of the team asked in 1995 to update the plan.

  • 24

    Investinor, AS, Norway

    LUE was commissioned as part of team that involved mountain planners, ski area operators, and a private equity fund to develop a strategy for growing the ski and resort industry with Investinor as a direct equity partner.

  • 23

    Real Estate Research | Santa Lucia Preserve, California

    This historic 20,000 acre ranch originally planned 4,000 units, our solution limited development to fewer than 300 units and dedicated over 17,000 acres to a conservation easement.

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    Squaw Valley USA, California

    Squaw Valley is a major contributor to the tourism marketing budget for North Lake Tahoe. A special study determined ways to broaden the market appeal and reduce seasonality.

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    Market Research | Tourism Strategy, Island of Sardinia

    LUE was part of an interdisciplinary team led by Bechtel Corporation to develop a tourism strategy for an undeveloped portion of Sardinia.


Marinas frequently become a focal point for waterfront development in urban areas as well as in resort destinations. While they can be viewed as a standalone land use, they can be compatible and complementary, and add considerable value to adjacent development. Engagements that have included marina elements include:

  • Santa Barbara Plantation, re-positioning strategy to include a regional destination, hurricane safe haven marina, Curacao, Dutch West Indies
  • Terrabrook, as a preliminary analysis of the investment opportunities for Old Bahama Bay, The Bahamas
  • Grupo Mexicana, development programming for destination marina associated with Punta Diamante, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Christophe Harbour, a competitive analysis of destination yachting destinations in the Caribbean, St. Kitts
  • AGRISAL AS, a physical analysis of multiple potential sites for destination focused marina development along the El Salvador coast